• People Singing Christmas Carols
  • People by White Tents
  • People Looking at Christmas Tree
  • People by Christmas Tree
  • Santa with Kids
  • People Around Santa Claus
  • Santa Carrying a Gift Bag
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus
  • Truck Carrying People in the Parade
  • People Looking at the Grinch Figure
  • White Truck with Snowman Figure
  • Public Works Car Decorated for Parade
  • Motorcycles and Cars on Christmas Parade
  • Car Decorated with Christmas Lights
  • Cars Decorated in Christmas Lights on Parade
  • Church Members Carrying Banner in Christmas Parade
  • Kids Playing Instruments on the Parade
  • Kids Carrying Troop 45703 Banner in Parade
  • Fire Truck at Night
  • People Holding a We Love Washougal Banner in the Christmas Parade
  • Christmas Parade

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