Posted on: November 19, 2019

Bike Ride around Washougal

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Take the City Center, 15th Street Exit from Hwy 14 and go right on A Street and park at Pendleton Woolen Mill parking lot.  Before you take off the bikes, you might want to go shop, stop by the museum, or grab a breakfast at a downtown restaurant.  Use your Washougal Discover Guide!

Once on your bike, head through the Pedestrian Tunnel and go left (east) along the flat and graveled Lewis and Clark Heritage Trail (known locally as the Dike Trail). You will enjoy an easy ride with beautiful views of Mt Hood and the Columbia River. You will want to stop and read the historic markers and at the main entrance take a short detour to the river’s edge.  It is about three miles total to the end of the dike.  

When finished riding the dike, head down to Index Street which parallels the Dike Trail at any convenient pathway.  Follow Index Street to the left (west) and turn right (north) on 27th Street.  Take a right (east) on Addy Street.  Follow it across 32nd Street being mindful of traffic there.  Follow Addy Street through neighborhood out to Hamliik Park.  There is playground to play on and it is the location of a small Bike Terrain Park.

Next follow Addy Loop around through more neighborhoods back to Addy Street and follow it back across 32nd and up 27th (north) to Main Street and go right (west).  At 24th Street turn right (north) and follow it past Hathaway Elementary School to G Street where you take a right (East).  At 25th head left (south) and go down to the Lower Hathaway Park.  This is a great stopping point to see the Washougal River and to hang out at the park play structures either at the lower park or back up above.

When you are ready, head right on G Street (west) and follow it through neighborhoods to Washougal River Road.  Either take a short right turn to the continuation of G Street (west) through neighborhoods or you can go left on to E Street turning right (west) and use the bike lane there.  G Street will flow into E Street and then become 3rd Street.

When on 3rd Street turn in a Weir Street to stop for a milk shake or lunch at K&M Drive-In.  You deserve it!  After your snack head down Weir to 2nd Street and head left (east) and then take a right on Lechner Street (south) and follow it over the railroad tracks where it becomes 6th Street.  Head left on C Street (East) and follow it through neighborhoods to 12 Street and take a right (South).

Stop on A Street at Beaver Park and take a look at the fun artwork there.   Now take A Street to the right (East) and follow it to Pendleton Way and the Pendleton Parking lot to your car.  The total route covers a distance of approximately 10 miles.

There are many ways to “Keep Discovering Washougal!"

Folded brochure illustrated iconAny trip to Washougal should begin with a look at the Washougal Discover Guide.  It provides a map to featured attractions, great food, beverages and coffee shops. You can find them at the Best Western Inn, City of Washougal, Two Rivers Heritage Museum or download a copy at

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