Bike the Dike

There are options for biking in Washougal that will appeal to biking novices and experts alike! Take the City Center, 15th Street Exit from Hwy 14 and go right on A Street and park at Pendleton Woolen Mill parking lot. Before you head out on your trek, you might want to go shop, stop by the museum, or grab a breakfast at a downtown restaurant. Check out the Discover Guide for many great options.

Once you are on your bike, head through the Pedestrian Tunnel and go left (East) along the flat and graveled Dike Trail. You will enjoy an easy ride with beautiful views of Mt Hood and the Columbia River. With endless scenery of the Columbia River. You can ride as long as you want, with convenient access along multiple pathways to Index Street anytime you are done riding. Take Index St. to 27th and ride underneath SR-14 to travel back downtown using Main Street.

The Dike trail is about three miles one way and follows the Columbia River from Steamboat Landing Park to the border of the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge. This trail is open all year round with access to restroom facilities at Captain William Clark Park located along the Dike and no fees to pay for access to the trail.